Why Silk?

Silk Inspired Skincare we specialize
in formulating an advanced, high end skincare line.

The reasons why we at Sericin+ chose to have
this entire line be inspired by Silk are as follows:

  • Silk, also known as “Queen of Fiber” is the most treasured natural fiber known due to its natural sheen, pleasant touch, superior brilliance, therapeutic powers, and unique characteristics
  • Silk has been synonymous with luxury and beauty for thousands of years.
  • Silk has been known for years for its softening effects on aging skin.
  • Silk is renowned for its softness, sensual feel, and exclusivity, and its liquid extracts are known to helpprotect skin’s natural moisture and hydration levels and keeping them at optimum.
  • Silk protein Sericin helps in preventing dehydration and boosts the moisturizing properties ofother ingredients such as oils and fluids for a more radiant, fresh looking skin.
  • Silk extracts are easily and effectively absorbed deep into the skin, maintaining it at optimal hydration levels, and allowing powerful antioxidants and amino acids to help repair cells, promote cell regeneration, and condition the skin for improved elasticity and resilience.
  • Silk forms a protective micro-layer on top of the skin that locks-in moisture, smooths fine lines,and lets in oxygen all while managing to keep out other toxins.
  • Silk integrated skincare protect the skin from environmental stresses
  • Silk assists in collagen production and regeneration of skin cells.
  • Silk provides some anti-bacterial defense level to the skin.
  • Silk provides some natural protection from damaging UV rays.
  • Silk has calming, therapeutic effects on skin inflammation.
  • Silk based skincare is suitable for all skin types: normal, dry, sensitive, and mixed.